Why Should YOU buy custom ironwork?
Here are our Top Three Reasons:

1.  You are NOT an "average" consumer!  You are an individual one!
When an item is manufactured for the masses, the company's marketing department decides which features to include according to their profile of a "typical customer".  Alternatively, custom-made items are made for YOU under YOUR specifications!!

2. You think actual human beings can still make things worth buying,
And "local business" doesn't just mean the nearest big box store!
When you have something custom made, you have the opportunity to work with local artisans supporting your community, developing a relationship,
and creating a sustainable business environment.
The maker is no longer nameless or faceless ~ but IS now accountable!

3.  You want something unique to YOU, not just a piece of furniture or a standard railing, but a conversation piece!
Custom made items have a story behind them and you'll want to remember and share that story every time someone asks "Where did you find that?".  You no longer have to settle for the same stuff you see everywhere, and your home becomes a show piece, not just another version of your neighbor's.

What makes us the best choice to help you achieve your goals?
Our showroom is filled with samples and photos of the 100% CUSTOM iron work we specialize in such as railings, fireplace doors surrounds and screens, chandeliers, furniture and more. Allowing you a hand's-on opportunity to feel and see your choices gives you the opportunity to make the best choice for YOU, and VMI is the only iron shop in the county that offers this amenity!
We specialize in iron/steel but we can also accommodate your stainless, aluminum, and even copper or bronze requests under most circumstances.  We offer tig, mig, and stick welding, hand forging and custom patinas.  We are the proud owners of the only HEBO bending machine in Colorado and that means we can twist, bend and shape your rails to fit YOUR needs not those of the steel manufacturer ~ and our guys love being creative so you won't need to worry that your "house jewelry" looks just like your neighbor's!
We also do structural beams, decorative and supportive brackets, staircases and almost any kind of welding you can imagine.  No job is too big or too small for us and the "little" ones get the same attention as the big guys!

Who are we?
Vail Manufacturing is a Better Business Bureau A+ Rated business that has been in the same location in Eagle-Vail Colorado for over 15 years - more than 11 under the current ownership.  We are the only metal fabrication shop in the Eagle County area that offers a full-time hands-on showroom and we welcome clients, designers, and contractors to visit us.
We are here when you need us!  While we do have regular office hours it is not unheard of for us to be meeting clients after hours and on weekends.  Your deadlines are our deadlines and we guarantee you will not wait on us to get the job finished on time.  We offer CAD shop drawings, we are knowledgeable in reading building plans, and maybe best of all a real person always answers the phone!

     41266 HWY 6 - AVON CO 81620
        Eagle-Vail Industrial Center

- It's the only Custom Iron Work Showroom in Eagle County!
Mon-Fri 8:00-4:30   or by Appointment